Wines of Brasil



Wines of Brasil

To promote the quality of Brazilian wines in the international market is the main mission of the Wines of Brasil project. To achieve this goal, its work starts within the wineries, providing producers with guidance on how to export, which results in promotional campaigns in different parts of the world, including the participation in wine fairs and direct contact with trade agents and opinion makers.

Established in 2002, it is maintained through a partnership between the Brazilian Wine Institute (Ibravin) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

It also has the support of institutions such as the Brazilian Tourism Institute (Embratur), Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE) and Department of Development and Investment Promotion of Rio Grande do Sul Investment (SDPI).

Open to all Brazilian wineries interested in entering the international market, currently the project has 29 member companies. Although Wines of Brasil operates globally, it has three international priority markets: United States, United Kingdom and China.