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Pizzato Sparkling Wine Brut Rosé 2007
Harvest Egiodola: 31st January 2007.
Merlot: 10th February 2007.
Grape and Must processing

Processing:grape bunches were pressed without beingde-stemmed nor crushed.
Clarification: after racking (removal of the must from the lees), under a 7°C temperature.
Fermentation: stainless steel tanks, with the addition of yeast, for 17 days under a 13°C temperature.

Stabilization and filtering:March 2007.
Base wine composition / assemblage 80% Merlot and 20% Egiodola.

Second fermentation (traditional method – méthode champenoise)

Liqueur de tirage: yeast was added in March2007 to produce the second fermentation in the bottle; the wine aged on its lees until disgorging.

Dégorgement: first 1.000 bottles in November 2007.
Alcoholic graduation at 20°C 12,0%
Pressure 5 bar
Volume / bottles 9.000 bottles, all numbered, single lot.
Release date November 2007.
Visual assessmentIntense pink color, with fine steady bubbles.
Aroma Fruity, recalling raspberries and blackberries, elegant complexity.
TastingFruity on the mouth, fine and elegant, balanced acidity and lingering taste.
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