Awards and Comparative Panels

The quality of Pizzato wines has been recognized in competitions and wine lists all over Brazil. In 2000, Pizzato Merlot 1999, the very first wine produced by the Pizzato Winery, was among the wines selected for the first Brazilian Wine Guide and was considered the best among all the wines evaluated.

In 2001 the first Wine Guide, ABS/Gula Magazine, classified Pizzato Merlot 1999 as the best Merlot and the second best wine of their evaluation. At the end of 2002, the ABS/Sao Paulo charts and the Brazilian Wine Guide 2003 by Market Press also highlighted the Pizzato wines.

Recently, at the end of 2004, ABS/Sao Paulo classified Pizzato Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 as the best wine of this grape in their 2004 guide.

Below is a short list of the awards and mentions: