Harvest Day at Pizzato – including Colonial Café!

2008: the vines bring beauty to the scenery at Vale dos Vinhedos which is ready for another quality harvest. The grapes are healthy and bunches shine under the sun. Pizzato Winery invites you to admire the landscape in our company while taking part of “the Harvest Day”.

Picture: Cris Berger

Wearing a typical straw hat and an apron, we will follow the steps of Mr. Plinio Pizzato, who will show us the whole winemaking process, from the vine management to the growing of grapes until they are ripe.

Later on, with the oenologists, we will observe the vinification process step by step. The ones who are curious and want to have a taste of the past will be able to tread grapes. And all the time we will have a glass in our hands!

Picture: Cris Berger

In order to insure the necessary energy for the trip around the vineyard, Pizzato Winery and the restauranter Giovana will open the day (or close it) at a merry and generous table, with the typical colonial café of the Italian immigrants: cheese, salami, copa, polenta brustolada, cookies and peasant bread, grapes, cakes, juice, coffee and loads of still and sparkling wines.



9h - reception and colonial coffee

13h - end of activity


16h: reception and vineyard visit

20h: end of activity, after colonial supper

Price: R$ 60,00

Payment: 50% when reservation is made, 50% on the day of activity.



15/02 – Colonial Supper, afternoon
16/02 – Colonial Coffee, morning
19/02 – Colonial Supper, afternoon
26/02 – Colonial Supper, afternoon
29/02 – Colonial Supper, afternoon


04/03 – Colonial Supper, afternoon
007/03 – Colonial Supper, afternoon
11/03 – Colonial Supper, afternoon

For groups with a minimum of 10 people, special dates can be arranged.

Contact: comercial@pizzato.net