The wine is produced from selected grapes from the estate vineyards with rigorous control throughout the whole winemaking process. State-of-the-art techniques and modern equipment are used in the production, from the destemming and crushing process with appropriate machinery, temperature controlled fermentation and the use of selected yeast, to the maceration process in stainless steel tanks.

The fermentation tanks have been custom made, with a diameter/height ratio larger than normally used by most wineries, with the aim of getting the most from the pumping over (remontage / irrigation) process and consequent results of a larger area of interaction between the must and the skins, thus maximizing color and flavor component extraction.

The wines undergo a period of natural stabilization and, if judged necessary, a complement of malolatic fermentation, also in stainless steel tank. As a rule, all Pizzato wines are subject to malolatic fermentation.

The wine is matured in American oak barrels for approximately four months, which results in a product with a better bouquet and finer complexity of aromas owing to the oxygenation through the pores of the wood and the range of aromatic compounds from the wood itself. The wine is then bottled and laid down in the cellar until ready for selling.